Cell phone / Communications Software Connectivity

A first-of-its-kind way to transmit data and link to online information services over cellular phones, using an ordinary modem. To make it work, CelCom needed cooperation from a software publisher proficient in online modem communications, yet able to provide hooks into their special call establishment, call in progress, and call termination procedures. Tradewind made it happen.

Loadable Cellular Drivers

Leading modem chipmaker, Rockwell International ushered in the next step of cellular data connectivity, with cellular capabilities built into PCMCIA ("PC Card") modems. The interface to the most popular phones on the market required uploading custom drivers into the modem to handle the user's specific phone make and model.   To meet the demanding release deadline, Rockwell called upon Tradewind to create the modem selection and driver upload applet for DOS and Windows, which was delivered early, qualifying for the bonus that had been offered.

Soon thereafter, Tradewind implemented modifications into its OEM modem software for DOS and Windows, allowing Rockwell's  innovation to reach the market within end-user applications.

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