OEM Software lets Manufacturers Get New Features to Market - Quick.

Before modem software was built into the operating system, Tradewind lead the way by  providing easy-to-support bundled solutions for such companies as Intel, Zoom Supra, Rockwell, Micronics, IBM, Tandy, Best, Cardinal, GVC, and many others.

The modem market is price-sensitive and highly competitive. Tradewind helped companies compete and get ahead by including the exclusive features they requested, long before other competitors could do so. Distinctive ring, silent ring, ISDN, software MNP, data / fax call discrimination, 16550 (FIFO chip) support, software V42-bis, modem auto-detection, system diagnostics, and Windows modem setup applets are among Tradewind Software's many "implementation firsts" for OEMs.

COMit for Windows proved invaluable for modem manufactures by its inclusion of a driver replacement for Com.Drv, the Windows communications driver which was known to have bugs, and which performed poorly at speeds above 19,200 bps.  The Tradewind driver, Twscomm.Drv, allowed Tradewind's OEM partners to break speed records (and sales records) in Windows modem communications.

Another innovation helped modem manufacturers manage the difficult transition to from 16 to 32 bit Windows. COMit for Windows, without requiring two separate versions, was able to incorporate the ability to choose TAPI or Comm, at the click of a mouse.


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