Wireless Flat-Panel Networked Windows Terminal User Interface

Zenith Data Systems came up with an innovative solution for workers who need access to their desktop computers while away from their desk.

The CruisePAD consisted of remote-control software on a wireless, flat-panel touch screen, communicating via radio links to a LAN with single or multiple access points to the network. 

Tradewind Software's part in the project, and one of its principal challenges, was to create an event-driven Windows-look multi-page setup user interface in 5 languages. It was to offer an on-screen keyboard in 3 sizes, with different layouts for each language.  All had to be done as a TSR (on timer interrupts) in about 64K of memory, and, of course, very strict deadlines had to be met.

In its second edition, the CruisePAD was introduced in a version using Citrix Winframe technology, requiring just a single NT server, from which many wireless workstations could be hosted. Tradewind was again asked to be the principal contractor in the user-interface portion of the project.


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