4-in-1 Bundle Dominates Market.

Delrina Corporation needed a DOS and Windows data communications solution to combine with their WinFax Lite and DosFax Lite software for bundling with modems.  At first, it was taken for granted that another 3-1/2" diskette would be required, but at potential volumes in the millions, where every penny counts, Tradewind Software's proposal was particularly interesting.

With a combination of methods, Tradewind was able to compress the programs and documentation to a size that allowed duplication onto a single 3-1/2" diskette.  The Delrina 4 in 1 was born,. The cost savings made Delrina's Winfax, and Tradewind Software's COMit the software bundle you'd most likely find when buying a modem. Over 11,000,000 were shipped, and most modem manufacturers included the 4-in-1 with part or all of the product line.

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