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Tradewind Software has worked side-by-side with Rockwell International and other leading technology companies from prototype to fulfillment.

Pictured here is the Rockwell International "world class" modem that was instrumental in testing and development of many new capabilities, most of which where implemented on the PC host computer instead of in the modem's chips, through Windows and DOS based software. This design strategy resulted in smaller devices and lower manufacturing costs for the numerous manufacturers of modems utilizing the Rockwell chipset.

Tradewind was the first software provider to develop a software-based implementation of MNP (Microcom Networking Protocol.) This allowed modems to communicate 3 to 5 times faster by compressing data as it is transmitted. Tradewind was the only company to include the fastest level of the MNP standard - MNP 7.

In more recent years, Tradewind was a leader in the integration of V.42bis (error correction and data compression) by providing software to for the Windows implementation.

Tradewind has also been a leader in flash technology, including utilities for flashing modems on the production line (for IBM) and by end-users over the Internet, for Rockwell International.  The upgrade wizard, developed by Tradewind, was instrumental in allowing consumers to cross the gap between the proprietary K56Flex modem technology, and V.90 when it became available.




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